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Frequently Asked Questions

What deposit is required to secure our wedding date?

We require a $6000 deposit to secure your event date that is non-refundable. Your date is able to be held for 10 days before a deposit is required. 

Can I bring my own spirits or do you supply spirits?

Yes, we do allow our guests to bring their own spirits. Alternatively, we can also supply spirits for your event at a consumption cost. 

Do you charge corkage?

We are pleased to inform you that we have a corkage-free policy, allowing you to bring your own alcoholic beverages without incurring any additional charges. 

Is there a hall hire fee?

No, we do not charge a hall hire fee when using our in-house catering. 

What is the age for the kids menu?

Our delightful kids menu is specially designed for children aged 10 and under, ensuring a delicious and age-appropriate dining experience for our youngest guests. 

Can we extend our package past midnight?

Yes! You are able to extend your package past midnight at an extra cost of $6 per person per hour. 

Do you allow external caterers?

Yes, we do allow external caterers. Please enquire to see our hall hire package. 

Do you cater for dietary requirements &/or special meal requests?

We take pride in our inclusive approach to dining, as we happily cater to a variety of dietary preferences and requirements, including vegan, vegetarian, and other special dietary needs. For any further concerns or specific enquiries, we encourage you to contact our head chef directly, who will be delighted to assist you in a delightful dining experience.

Do you print menus for the tables?

Unfortunately, we do not provide printed menus on-site. However, we have an in-house stylist and coordinator who can assist you in printing all the necessary event stationery. 

How many seats can fit on each table?

Our round tables offer comfortable seating for 10-12 guests per table. Additionally, our grand rectangular tables are spacious enough to accommodate large groups, with seating options ranging from 16-42 guests per table. We have flexible table options to suit your specific needs and create the perfect atmosphere for your gathering. 

Do we have access to the hall prior to the event?

Certainly! We are pleased to offer access to the hall prior to your event, allowing you to set up any necessary items and decorations. The specific time for access will be coordinated with your dedicated function coordinator in the period leading up to your event. 

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